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Krdelo “The Pack” is all about dogs. Especially dog’s comfort.

I am a fashion/textile designer by education, but my passion are dogs… so I started developing functional dog equipment with quality, aesthetic and dog’s comfort in mind.

  1. Our products are extremely comfortable for the dog and the handler — the collars, harnesses and handles on leashes are lined with fleece.
  2. Fleece is extremely grateful material — it dries very fast, rinsing it with water will remove the mud off. The products are machine-washable and colors are very durable … washed after half a year’s wear the collar will look as good as new!
  3. By choosing the pattern and colors of fleece and webbing you can design your own combination.
  4. We also produce braided motivation leashes designed for tug-o-war games with your dog that are extremely popular for agility competitions.

Krdelo The Pack. With dog's comfort in mind.